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Get Clean, Healthy, Living Water for Life!

You can have better water quality and the wellness benefits that go with great water!

The Mizu Story

Mizu Solutions based in Carmel, CA provides a unique approach to support you in reaching your water goals. We use our expertise to help you recognize your particular problems, remedy them, and increase your water quality, health and wellness. 


Each water source is different. Our customized approach is tailored to determine your individual water quality needs and create achievable goals based on your lifestyle. Find the right solutions for your problem water with consultations, equipment, and services from Mizu Solutions.


What is Living Water?

Living water is mineralized clean drinking water—water with flavor and life.

In contrast, pure water is water that has been stripped of all its minerals resulting in distilled hydrogen and oxygen and is used mainly for industrial applications.


Contact us today to learn how we can help you make your water cleaner, healthier, and taste great! 

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